Kohl’s Fashion Haul

Yes I know I just went shopping at a Thrift Store, yes I know I just spent a lot of money at Comic Con. But this time I went shopping for myself for Christmas and my mom bought everything. I don’t get to use this stuff until Christmas ok! Stop judging me!

Some of this stuff I bought, and some of this stuff I didn’t and I will tell you why! I took pictures in the Dressing Room. I think I’m all shopped out for awhile. I will try to post about makeup or something in the coming posts, we shall see! As far as the prices go, everything in store was under $50 and can be found at kohls.com.

Shirt Dress (Did not buy)


I liked this dress, but I wasn’t excited about it. It did not clinch at the waist and a belt in my opinion wouldn’t work. Not too flattering and the colors are meh. It also wasn’t long enough for my taste, but I liked the long sleeves for fall. The material felt soft and it fit easily in a large. Found this in the Junior’s section.

Skater Dress (Did buy)


In love! Don’t know if I can wait until Christmas for this one! It highlighted my figure and fit in all the right spots. It is extremely comfortable, long length, long sleeves, and I love the colors. Again, the material was very soft. Found this in the Junior’s section.

Indie Short Red Dress (Not Sure!)


Ok I know I did not walk home with this but looking at it again I think its really cute and may go back and snag it. This is definitely my style, I just felt bad for buying so much stuff so I put it back. I love the lace at the top and the sleeves, color and material. We shall see if I order it online or not. Found this in the Junior’s section.

Khaki Skinny Pants (Did Buy)


I had seen these on some people in the past and I never thought I would like how it looks! But it looks really classy and like I’m a horseback rider (which I’m not but they’re gear is sooooo hippin!). I really liked the fit and the feel. I don’t really like pants, I’m more of a dresses and leggings type of girl if you haven’t noticed, but I could actually tolerate these. Again I found this in the Junior’s section.

Juicy Couture Gray Sweatshirt (Did not buy)


It looks cute, but I was looking for a sweatshirt that went longer, like mentioned. I wasn’t a huge fan of how the material felt and I did not like the little tucked in element at the bottom. Its an interesting detail, but I didn’t like it. The track suits felt better material wise than when I had felt them in the past. Again, trying not to spend too much, and this just did not do it for me.

Sweater Tunic (Did buy)


Do you see my face in this photo? That’s my face after I realized I loved this and I was going to be getting more clothes! This thing is adorable, it is a sweater with a skirt on the bottom basically. It was a little over sized, which I preferred with a large. There are patterns going down the top sides of the sweater. The color is great as well. This is from the Lauren Conrad collection, which I always end up buying from when I go to Kohl’s, so I didn’t fight it. Since the photo is blurry, you can view the piece in better definition here: Sweater Tunic


Short Polka Dot Dress (Did not buy)


From Lauren Conrad collection. Its cute, but I just was not swayed in the end. The material and fit was fine, and I love polka dots. I just ended up not feeling it. It was not amazing or me enough, I suppose.

Long Blue Dress (Did buy)


Lauren Conrad collection. This was a steal, because I had saw this in the past and wanted it, however I did not want to spend too much that day. And guess what, I found this baby again and on sale! Long dresses, I love you! I mean short dresses are great too. I love the design, the lace, the color, the fit, and I have found myself something better than a boyfriend.

Red Workout Leggings (Did buy)


Sorry guys I did not try this one on and I could not find them through the many leggings on the website, but the workout leggings at Kohl’s are great, the ones that I have tried. The designs are also pretty fantastic. They are not see through which is a plus. They feel great material wise and very flexible for working out! Found in the Junior’s section.

Which one was your favorite? If you have any suggestions or tips for me in my blog please let me know! I am relatively new to blogging and would love some feedback.




New York Comic Con 2016!!

I went to the New York Comic Con on its 4th day, Sunday, and it was a blast! I had so much fun and yes I am feeling another phase comin on, Cosplay! I honestly had so much trying to create this character in myself over the past couple of weeks and sharing that with other people as well as them sharing their creations with me.

I am a huge fan of certain video games, anime, movies, and tv shows. So seeing those characters in reality was something interesting. I’ve seen Halloween, but this is not Halloween. This is a focused type of event and I was basically a huge fan girl inside the entire time. Although I spent some money, I also got some stuff at the thirft store and borrowed from family.

My Costume: Steampunk Ariel

Yes this is an interesting cosplay choice. I love the crossover ideas (especially Deadpool/Sailor Moon crossovers which I never knew was a thing). I mean not most people understood it (granted my hair isn’t vibrant red-only faded red and my eyes aren’t blue), but it was a pretty cool costume for my first con I think.

Going to this was out of my comfort zone. But I ended up absolutely loving it. At first I didn’t think I was going to go dressed up as anything, but I thought I would be upset if I didn’t and I was right! I would have been upset if I decided to just wear regular clothes, because what is the fun and risk in that? I decided to be this character because it was unique and I think it fit my personality (even though it doesn’t have to).

My Make Up And Costume: Okay so this was a little stressful. My Make Up I pretty much decided the day before the con. My mom and brother said it looked good! I used eye primer to cover the lids, then I covered them with bright green eye shadow with a small blue layer on top. Then I used purple eye liner to shape the bottom of the eye, ending in a wing that my eye liner would trace. I also used the eye liner on the top lashes to join the bottom. I also used light red blush and bright red lipstick. If I had more time I probably would have added black swirls off the edge of my eyes and sparkles! My costume I determined by looking online. I had a fascination with The Little Mermaid and adding Steampunk into the mix made me really love it. And if you want to enjoy your day you really need to love your costume! Which I did! I bought the green leggings, lace up boots, corset, and pink blouse. Its also helpful if you can use them in your everyday wardrobe so its not a one time use. I bought the jacket and necklace from a Thrift Store.

Next time I am planning on going more hardcore! I cannot wait for my next con. This really was a great time because I was exposed to all the different costumes and culture of the cosplay. I suggest you attend one of these events in the future! You can look up cons in your area, there are tons! Or just events that require you dress up such as a local Renaissance Fair or LARP club in college. That’s it for now!

Have you ever been to Comic Con? What did you cosplay as? I would love to know!



Thrift Store Haul

So today I went to a Thirft Store (kind of an expensive thrift store though) because I am going to Comic Con and I needed to pick up some last minute items (by the way I will be posting about Comic Con!). Everything was between $4 and $12. I couldn’t stop putting stuff in my cart I really loved it!


Item #1: Blue jacket. (not sure what kind of style you would call it) I absolutely love this jacket. I saw it as I was leaving and I couldn’t help myself! It looks great with a shirt and leggings and is very warm. There is something vintage and totally epic about this piece that gives you a touch of supreme unique-ness.

Item #2: Long Heart Locket Necklace. I actually got this for my costume tomorrow but its totally girly and cute anyway. It goes with my Steampunk theme for tomorrow. I love long neckalces and especially lockets because everyone wants to know what’s in theme. I like to put a poem or a little something inside so you can tell people you do have something in there, but they can’t see!


Item #3: Leather, Suede Looking Jacket. By now you can tell my fashion descriptions aren’t the best! I bought this also for my Steampunk outfit tomorrow. I love it so much though I’m going to wear this in other things as well. It feels so soft! It will probably look great with jeans or flannel, yay!


Item #4: Green Button Up Dress. This one I fell in love with right away, especially combined with my leggings and lace up boots. My arm band looks great with it too! This is so so so so cute! You can wear this with a jacket or cardigan because its getting chilly. Of course it didn’t come with the belt, but I don’t care!


Item #5: Long Green Floral Dress. Oh no my smile! I needed a new face, haha. Hopefully you can look past that and look at this totally awesome folk looking long dress. Again, with the lace up boots, this is perfect! Exactly the kind of outfit I am in love with. I don’t really have any long dresses and this floral long one is great to add to my collection.


Item #6: Brown Leather Satchel Bag. I am also using this for my costume. I also really love satchels. They are so convienent because you can just throw them over your shoulder and bam don’t have to worry about it. 


This was my first haul ever. I have probably watching over 50 hauls on YouTube so I was so excited to do this one! I will probably do another one in the future. Which piece was your favorite? Let me know!


How to Develop a Skill or Hobby

If you are like me, you have a special talent or hobby you do for fun, however you would like to develop it further. I go through phases, where I am obsessed with one thing, sometimes multiple things but I don’t end of developing it at all!

Starting this blog is one of those things, which I hope I won’t end in like a month. I had a phase of learning makeup, nails, fashion, painting, writing, piano, mechanics, bird house building you name it! But I didn’t really take much from those phases at all. I can’t just whip up a painting for my mom’s birthday because it wouldn’t be developed enough and probably look like a little kid’s art project (every now and then I have some good art!). And hopefully I take my own advice….today….tonight…maybe someday….

Get Yourself Excited

  • I try to do this, and sometimes that’s all that ends up happening. For example, I want to develop my art, so I go to an art museum or I watch a million youtube videos on artists creating their spectacular art. But then when I decide to do the thing I’ve been excited for, I DON’T DO IT. I amp myself up for nothing. Nevertheless, this is an essential part to your development, because why else are you doing this? If you have no excitement it is going to be very hard and painful and the reason you are doing this is to have fun!

Write it in Your Planner

  • Although inspiration is not a routine thing, YOU NEED ROUTINE if you seriously want to develop this skill. Routine makes you do this thing even when you are not inspired. We’ll get to this more in the practice section, but writing it down, not even entering it into your phone, but WRITING IT DOWN can be a large step in this process. You can set deadlines, practice time, or inspiration time, as long as you are contributing to your hobby in that session. It makes it a regular thing. Also planners are super fun to decorate, win win.

Make Yourself Practice

  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Practice may not make perfect because you are doing this on the side of everything and there is no way you have the time to be perfect and you need to know that right away. But writing it down, as mentioned previously can allow you to track how much practice you are putting in and you can watch yourself make progress. This works, believe me. Make yourself practice and write it down. Even if you are practicing the piano 30 minutes a day, that is better than 0 minutes a day. Give it REALISTICALLY what you can.
  • I wanted to develop my piano skills, so I volunteered to be a piano teacher, so I was practicing on the side as well as forcing myself to re-learn the basics and teach, making me a much better player. I also joined the government on a sign language club to develop my sign language. I had to learn the signs every week because I was teaching other people sign language! Teaching is another great way to develop your skill!
  • Also what I try to do is find time to practice in the little crevices of life. For example, before class would start I would write poetry or draw in the sides of my notebook or read. Finding a couple minutes in between appointments in your life really adds up! I try to read before I get to work and during lunchtime. Its the empty time you don’t realize you are wasting and you can use it to your advantage! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes its nice to sit and chill and text for a couple minutes, but you can still find time to create!

Find Encouragment

  • This is probably my favorite point! Find encouragment anywhere, friends, family, social and online groups. When I joined a book club, asking my friends what point I was in in the book got us excited to finish it and talk about it at the monthly meeting. I was encouraged to finish the book and I also made friends in a new group! You can make many friends from a hobby.
  • Let’s say you and your friends are interested in getting better at hair and makeup. Organize a party once a week where you watch youtube videos and you learn a new style or tool every week!
  • I love helping people, so I became an EMT and I met SO many people through this.It hasn’t started yet, but a regular trip bird watching with experienced watchers will make me better! You may have to actively seek out this encouragment, but it is well worth it. I wanted to improve my bird watching skills, so I joined a group nearby. It will keep you excited, engaged, developing your skill deeper, and it will definitely benefit you.

Some examples of my personal phases and what helped me:

Art journaling: I completed an entire book full of art! This is one piece I made. Of course not the best, but creative I think. If you look close enough I altered the Hanging Tree lyrics by Suzanne Collins and made it into the Blossoming Tree. Again I started something and finished it, a very rare occurance. It was something that encouraged me because I wanted to develop it more, the more I created because I was so happy I did it in the first place. The more I did and could look back to. There was no pressure to be perfect. I worked on a lot of different skills in this book and I will keep it forever.


Photography: I bought a new camera before I started college and made an Instagram. My Instagram has influenced me to be better. I see what other people post, whether they’re strangers or close friends and I want to do better. I have the outlet, Instagram, and my camera. I also like to print out my pictures, and using picture frames from the Dollar Tree I hang them up in my room. Being able to see a creation you’ve made all the time and being proud of it is very encouraging.


Baking/Cooking: This one I have struggled with for a long time! I try to bake at least around the holiday times because I can make it themed and I know I will be giving it out to a lot of people. I want to spread that joy! I also want to cook more because my mom always cooks and I enjoy it, so why can’t I cook every once in awhile? At college I was forced, FORCED to cook for myself, so that is one way of course to improve a skill. Although that is not always a good solution to develop a skill, that can work for a lot of people. I also try to post my stuff on instagram and pinterest as a piece of encouragment. 


Will I take my own advice? I will try! What do you do to develop your hobby? What is your hobby and what was the thing that helped you take it to the next level? Let me know!


Fall Fun: Visit a local Flea Market

It is finally getting chilly and that means there are Fun Fall events going on all around! Besides the fall clothing, the Fall-themed events are also great. Every year there is a local flea market I’ve visited since I was very young. Its in the town my mom grew up in and I used to come home from college every year just to visit! Its technically called the mini mart, and not known as a flea market, although I’m not entirely sure of the difference. It features a bunch of little shops, with a lot of homemade stuff. None of it is secondhand, and may be slightly expensive. Although, most shops have affordable items.


Some items I have bought in the past are incense, candles, journals, hippy like clothes, jewelry, and food. This year I bought a lot of stuff (in my opinion spending more than $40 is a lot). I like to save money, but I splurged a little today.

There are a lot of hidden treasures at a local market like this one. The promotion of local businesses is great. I was too nervous to go into the psychic readings shop, even though my mom really wanted to go in. I don’t want to hear what they have to say. Another conversation for another day!

The other picture is my friend Bry with her Sweet and Salty popcorn from SweetPop. That stuff was so good. I got the oreo flavor. There are so many different flavors and I ate my bag very quickly. Only $4 for delicious popcorn!

Items that I bought today:

Soap ($5)

Fudge ($8)

Beer (2 cups-$9 and it benefitted the local fire department)

Popcorn ($4)

Burberry looking scarf ($15)

Irish Claddagh Sterling Silver Ring ($24)

T-Shirt from the Mini-Mart day ($5)

Purple jewel studded Hairclip ($12)

Of course I wanted more stuff! There was this clothing boutique with like gypsy inspired looking dresses and skirts I absolutely loved. I picked up a lot of business cards because a lot of things sparked my interest. I never know what I will buy when I come to the mini mart! You also never know who you will see and I love feeling like I’m at home every time I go.


Falling For Fall: My Favorite Fall Pieces

This is my first blog post! I am going to open it up with a themed post. Since I am obsessed with everything that has to do with Fall, I decided to make my first post Fall themed. I am also planning on making the Falling For Fall a series, so keep on the lookout for that!

There are a couple of favorite fashion pieces I have in the Fall, including Tall Lace Up Brown Boots, Leggings of All Kinds, and a Stylish Warm Jacket. These are my staples for the Fall and the is the backbone of my wardrobe when it starts to get chillier. Let’s begin!

Tall Brown Lace Up Boots


These beauties are from Target and I finally found these pair the other night. You don’t know how hard it is to find this style in at an affordable price! Anyways, this is my favorite Fall item. You can wear them with a dress/skirt with or without leggings, with skinny jeans, or costumes (such as Halloween or Comic Con which I’m going to use them for). They are so kick ass and Victorian era sheek I will always love these boots.

Leggings of All Kinds!


Since I’m not the biggest fan of jeans (they are too constricting for me personally) leggings are a great alternative and they elevate your look. I found these pair off Amazon. Cute fall leggings or just plain black ones can help style tons and tons of outfits. During the Fall and Winter I am wearing leggings almost every day, and don’t feel weird about that. They are also great for working out or just sitting around the house.

Stylish Everyday Jacket


Again, you could could have a couple of stylish warm jackets, but they’re something you’ll be wearing everyday. I found this one at Kohl’s. Maybe sure you spend a little extra money on something that is warm and looks good on your body because you’re going to be wearing this a lot. You’ll also be seen wearing it a lot, so that’s why it is good to make an investment in a killer jacket. I have way too many cute and stylish jackets, but I love them all! Do you have a stylish jacket? If not is there one you’ve been dying to try, such as a bomber jacket or long trench coat? Now is the time to try a new jacket you’ve never owned before!

Those are my absolute favorite Fall pieces. What are yours? I would love to hear in the comments!