New York Comic Con 2016!!

I went to the New York Comic Con on its 4th day, Sunday, and it was a blast! I had so much fun and yes I am feeling another phase comin on, Cosplay! I honestly had so much trying to create this character in myself over the past couple of weeks and sharing that with other people as well as them sharing their creations with me.

I am a huge fan of certain video games, anime, movies, and tv shows. So seeing those characters in reality was something interesting. I’ve seen Halloween, but this is not Halloween. This is a focused type of event and I was basically a huge fan girl inside the entire time. Although I spent some money, I also got some stuff at the thirft store and borrowed from family.

My Costume: Steampunk Ariel

Yes this is an interesting cosplay choice. I love the crossover ideas (especially Deadpool/Sailor Moon crossovers which I never knew was a thing). I mean not most people understood it (granted my hair isn’t vibrant red-only faded red and my eyes aren’t blue), but it was a pretty cool costume for my first con I think.

Going to this was out of my comfort zone. But I ended up absolutely loving it. At first I didn’t think I was going to go dressed up as anything, but I thought I would be upset if I didn’t and I was right! I would have been upset if I decided to just wear regular clothes, because what is the fun and risk in that? I decided to be this character because it was unique and I think it fit my personality (even though it doesn’t have to).

My Make Up And Costume: Okay so this was a little stressful. My Make Up I pretty much decided the day before the con. My mom and brother said it looked good! I used eye primer to cover the lids, then I covered them with bright green eye shadow with a small blue layer on top. Then I used purple eye liner to shape the bottom of the eye, ending in a wing that my eye liner would trace. I also used the eye liner on the top lashes to join the bottom. I also used light red blush and bright red lipstick. If I had more time I probably would have added black swirls off the edge of my eyes and sparkles! My costume I determined by looking online. I had a fascination with The Little Mermaid and adding Steampunk into the mix made me really love it. And if you want to enjoy your day you really need to love your costume! Which I did! I bought the green leggings, lace up boots, corset, and pink blouse. Its also helpful if you can use them in your everyday wardrobe so its not a one time use. I bought the jacket and necklace from a Thrift Store.

Next time I am planning on going more hardcore! I cannot wait for my next con. This really was a great time because I was exposed to all the different costumes and culture of the cosplay. I suggest you attend one of these events in the future! You can look up cons in your area, there are tons! Or just events that require you dress up such as a local Renaissance Fair or LARP club in college. That’s it for now!

Have you ever been to Comic Con? What did you cosplay as? I would love to know!