Fall Fun: Visit a local Flea Market

It is finally getting chilly and that means there are Fun Fall events going on all around! Besides the fall clothing, the Fall-themed events are also great. Every year there is a local flea market I’ve visited since I was very young. Its in the town my mom grew up in and I used to come home from college every year just to visit! Its technically called the mini mart, and not known as a flea market, although I’m not entirely sure of the difference. It features a bunch of little shops, with a lot of homemade stuff. None of it is secondhand, and may be slightly expensive. Although, most shops have affordable items.


Some items I have bought in the past are incense, candles, journals, hippy like clothes, jewelry, and food. This year I bought a lot of stuff (in my opinion spending more than $40 is a lot). I like to save money, but I splurged a little today.

There are a lot of hidden treasures at a local market like this one. The promotion of local businesses is great. I was too nervous to go into the psychic readings shop, even though my mom really wanted to go in. I don’t want to hear what they have to say. Another conversation for another day!

The other picture is my friend Bry with her Sweet and Salty popcorn from SweetPop. That stuff was so good. I got the oreo flavor. There are so many different flavors and I ate my bag very quickly. Only $4 for delicious popcorn!

Items that I bought today:

SoapĀ ($5)

Fudge ($8)

Beer (2 cups-$9 and it benefitted the local fire department)

Popcorn ($4)

Burberry looking scarf ($15)

Irish Claddagh Sterling Silver Ring ($24)

T-Shirt from the Mini-Mart day ($5)

Purple jewel studded Hairclip ($12)

Of course I wanted more stuff! There was this clothing boutique with like gypsy inspired looking dresses and skirts I absolutely loved. I picked up a lot of business cards because a lot of things sparked my interest. I never know what I will buy when I come to the mini mart! You also never know who you will see and I love feeling like I’m at home every time I go.