How to Develop a Skill or Hobby

If you are like me, you have a special talent or hobby you do for fun, however you would like to develop it further. I go through phases, where I am obsessed with one thing, sometimes multiple things but I don’t end of developing it at all!

Starting this blog is one of those things, which I hope I won’t end in like a month. I had a phase of learning makeup, nails, fashion, painting, writing, piano, mechanics, bird house building you name it! But I didn’t really take much from those phases at all. I can’t just whip up a painting for my mom’s birthday because it wouldn’t be developed enough and probably look like a little kid’s art project (every now and then I have some good art!). And hopefully I take my own advice….today….tonight…maybe someday….

Get Yourself Excited

  • I try to do this, and sometimes that’s all that ends up happening. For example, I want to develop my art, so I go to an art museum or I watch a million youtube videos on artists creating their spectacular art. But then when I decide to do the thing I’ve been excited for, I DON’T DO IT. I amp myself up for nothing. Nevertheless, this is an essential part to your development, because why else are you doing this? If you have no excitement it is going to be very hard and painful and the reason you are doing this is to have fun!

Write it in Your Planner

  • Although inspiration is not a routine thing, YOU NEED ROUTINE if you seriously want to develop this skill. Routine makes you do this thing even when you are not inspired. We’ll get to this more in the practice section, but writing it down, not even entering it into your phone, but WRITING IT DOWN can be a large step in this process. You can set deadlines, practice time, or inspiration time, as long as you are contributing to your hobby in that session. It makes it a regular thing. Also planners are super fun to decorate, win win.

Make Yourself Practice

  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Practice may not make perfect because you are doing this on the side of everything and there is no way you have the time to be perfect and you need to know that right away. But writing it down, as mentioned previously can allow you to track how much practice you are putting in and you can watch yourself make progress. This works, believe me. Make yourself practice and write it down. Even if you are practicing the piano 30 minutes a day, that is better than 0 minutes a day. Give it REALISTICALLY what you can.
  • I wanted to develop my piano skills, so I volunteered to be a piano teacher, so I was practicing on the side as well as forcing myself to re-learn the basics and teach, making me a much better player. I also joined the government on a sign language club to develop my sign language. I had to learn the signs every week because I was teaching other people sign language! Teaching is another great way to develop your skill!
  • Also what I try to do is find time to practice in the little crevices of life. For example, before class would start I would write poetry or draw in the sides of my notebook or read. Finding a couple minutes in between appointments in your life really adds up! I try to read before I get to work and during lunchtime. Its the empty time you don’t realize you are wasting and you can use it to your advantage! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes its nice to sit and chill and text for a couple minutes, but you can still find time to create!

Find Encouragment

  • This is probably my favorite point! Find encouragment anywhere, friends, family, social and online groups. When I joined a book club, asking my friends what point I was in in the book got us excited to finish it and talk about it at the monthly meeting. I was encouraged to finish the book and I also made friends in a new group! You can make many friends from a hobby.
  • Let’s say you and your friends are interested in getting better at hair and makeup. Organize a party once a week where you watch youtube videos and you learn a new style or tool every week!
  • I love helping people, so I became an EMT and I met SO many people through this.It hasn’t started yet, but a regular trip bird watching with experienced watchers will make me better! You may have to actively seek out this encouragment, but it is well worth it. I wanted to improve my bird watching skills, so I joined a group nearby. It will keep you excited, engaged, developing your skill deeper, and it will definitely benefit you.

Some examples of my personal phases and what helped me:

Art journaling: I completed an entire book full of art! This is one piece I made. Of course not the best, but creative I think. If you look close enough I altered the Hanging Tree lyrics by Suzanne Collins and made it into the Blossoming Tree. Again I started something and finished it, a very rare occurance. It was something that encouraged me because I wanted to develop it more, the more I created because I was so happy I did it in the first place. The more I did and could look back to. There was no pressure to be perfect. I worked on a lot of different skills in this book and I will keep it forever.


Photography: I bought a new camera before I started college and made an Instagram. My Instagram has influenced me to be better. I see what other people post, whether they’re strangers or close friends and I want to do better. I have the outlet, Instagram, and my camera. I also like to print out my pictures, and using picture frames from the Dollar Tree I hang them up in my room. Being able to see a creation you’ve made all the time and being proud of it is very encouraging.


Baking/Cooking: This one I have struggled with for a long time! I try to bake at least around the holiday times because I can make it themed and I know I will be giving it out to a lot of people. I want to spread that joy! I also want to cook more because my mom always cooks and I enjoy it, so why can’t I cook every once in awhile? At college I was forced, FORCED to cook for myself, so that is one way of course to improve a skill. Although that is not always a good solution to develop a skill, that can work for a lot of people. I also try to post my stuff on instagram and pinterest as a piece of encouragment. 


Will I take my own advice? I will try! What do you do to develop your hobby? What is your hobby and what was the thing that helped you take it to the next level? Let me know!